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Mission Statement

RacquetWire promotes the business of racquet and paddle sports with seamless delivery of relevant, timely content (copy, photos, video) to the top media outlets and influencers for turnkey broadcast, internet and print usage worldwide.

For the Media

RacquetWire is the journalist's best friend, and our contacts in the Racquet and Paddle Sports industries trust us to provide content. If you have a great product, we know the great journalists who want to publish it for the world to see.

For Companies

Creating a great product, or playing host to a fantastic event, is only half the battle. How do people find out about YOU?

High-quality editorial coverage is more effective than advertising, because consumers trust 3rd-party sources. Use our vast array of media contacts to put your product or event in the news.

Turnkey Stories From Our Blog
Journalists use our Blog to get story ideas to expand on. Media websites pick up our posts to use on their websites for their readers.
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All Videos

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